Thursday, 18 March 2010


This is an edit I did of a photo I took. I first started by duplicating the layer and making it overlay and changing the opacity to 50%. This made my models features stand out more than before. I then give her skin a slight darker shade by picking out the darkest part and then painting over her. I smoothed out her skin using the smudge then blur tool. To make sure this didn't distraught any of her feautres I changed the strenght to 40%. I then made it look like she was wearing makeup by adding some blusher and mascara, this also brings out her features. I did this firstly by changing the colour to pink then making the opacity 30% I then applied this to her cheeks. I made the mascara effect by doing the same but black and around her eyes. I then blured around the edge of her hair to make sure the edges were smooth and not bumpy. This gives a good cut out effect. I then put black onto her nails to give the effect that she is wearing nail varnish.

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