Sunday, 27 March 2011

CD cover photoshoot

I have to create a CD cover to represent my music video, I therefore decided it would be a great idea to use Dillon who appeared in our music video in order for the audience to link the two. I dressed him in some trendy clothes in order for him to appear fashionable to appeal to the audience. I tried a large range of different shots and also a change of outfits to create variety.


Here is a photograph of me wearing one of my outfits before going out shooting one of our scenes. We went with a jacket that was similar to one we seen Britney Spears wearing in one of her music videos. We thought the jacket was a good idea to use because it gives the impression I am confident and famous because I stand out wearing such a glamorous outfit. In this scene I am out walking my dog getting followed off the stalker. Because I am dressed up and wearing heels to go out simply to walk a dog is stereotypically something a celebrity would do e.g. Paris Hilton.

This photograph of Alysha, whose role in the production was the stalker, shows her wearing quite a grungy outfit. This shows that she unlike me isn’t as glamorous. We have also done her makeup to give her quite a creepy look.

My acting role

As one of my roles was acting I had to do lots of research of music videos with similar roles as ours in order to see what kind of connotations "pop stars" had in order to show them through my acting. Props that were used in this scene were the microphone and headphones in order to give the audience the impression that I am in a recording studio recording a song. This is a typical connotation of a famous singer.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Questionaire Feedback

Here are some examples of the questionaires we handed out to a range of different people who were the audience at a screening of my music video, they give both negative and positive feedback which was good because it helped me identify some mistakes I made and also some of the good points about it;

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Story Boards

In order to make our music video have a more professional feel we decided to create story boards. Story boards are a series of illustrations or images displayed in a sequence of potraying and pre-visualising a motin picture. Here is some examples of the story boards I created;



In order to get an idea of the stereotypical things within music videos I analysed the beginnings of two quite different music videos;

Chris Brown - Gimme That (Remix) ft. Lil Wayne

-Duration: 4.55
-Starts with a pan in
-Zooms in to a variety of things
-Low angle shot of man sitting down
-Chris Brown walks around, camera follows him
-Close up of girl
-Zooms into Chris putting his headphones in and glancing at girl
-Music begins at: 00.39 seconds, Nicki Minaj - Check It Out

-Duration: 4.33
-Starts with a man on the mic introducing the song
-Long shot
-Close up of ipod in an ipod dock
-Cuts back to man on mic from a different angle
-Medium close up of man, he is know introducing WILL.I.AM and Niki Manaj
-Establishing shot of audience of people sitting still all dressed the same
-A woman then presses play on the ipod
-Music starts at: 00.16 seconds with Niki Manj singing