Thursday, 18 March 2010


This is an edit I did of a photo I took. I first started by duplicating the layer and making it overlay and changing the opacity to 50%. This made my models features stand out more than before. I then give her skin a slight darker shade by picking out the darkest part and then painting over her. I smoothed out her skin using the smudge then blur tool. To make sure this didn't distraught any of her feautres I changed the strenght to 40%. I then made it look like she was wearing makeup by adding some blusher and mascara, this also brings out her features. I did this firstly by changing the colour to pink then making the opacity 30% I then applied this to her cheeks. I made the mascara effect by doing the same but black and around her eyes. I then blured around the edge of her hair to make sure the edges were smooth and not bumpy. This gives a good cut out effect. I then put black onto her nails to give the effect that she is wearing nail varnish.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Two Page Spread

I decided to change my two page spread quite a lot. At first I thought it was quite a good two page spread but after close observation i relasied that their was a variety of mistakes which I had carelessly made. Instead of just leaving it I therefore decided to edit it to make it much better. I organised it more by making my introduction a seprate piece instead of just having it mixed in with my columns which looked messy and confusing. I also changed the picture into two seprate photos which I edited more carefully aswell so that they look more outstanding than before.

As Evaluation

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
I have made a music magazine which has a front page, a contents page, and a two page spread article. My two page spread was an interview with my main model who is based on the front page of my magazine. My magazine is aimed at 16-24 year old girls, because this is the age and gender that people preferred on my questionnaire in which I asked a variety of people various questions about my potential magazine. I looked at various other magazines to help me come up with an idea and layout for my magazine. Such as, Blender, Vibe and NME.
My magazine is marketed at 99p-£1.50 because this was the price which people said they were willing to pay. I think this is a good price because it’s not too expensive so people will be happy to pay this.

This is my front cover. I have used only one picture of my model to make sure it didn’t look over crowded and tacky. My colour scheme which I have used is white, black and pink. I have kept this colour scheme throughout my magazine which you will see. I have done this to make sure my magazine looked good with all the pages together. I decided also to use an attractive model this means that my magazine will appeal to both men and women. Naomi Wolf says that this will help attract both men and women readers because it inspires women to want to be like the model on the front and men would find her sexually attractive.I have made my models head overlap with the title of the magazine “Encore” I have done this because it shows that the magazine is well known and that people would already know what it says because of it being well known.


How does your media product represent social groups?

As my main article I have chosen to do a story about a group who end up splitting and “Mia” ends up perusing her career in singing alone. I think this was quite a good idea because there are lots of young working class women, whose dreams are to become singers and its also talks about how the two girls Mia and Laura even though they end up splitting up and not singing together anymore they still stay good friends. Another thing it talks about is how life being famous can be quite hectic. My character is also very easy to relate to. Therefore I would say my magazine is mainly for women as the story is about two young girls plus the colour scheme is mostly pink and pink has stereotypically feminine connotations. My magazine not only is more suitable for women because of the colour scheme but because of the content which talks mostly about women.

What kind of institution might distribute your media product and why?

I think I would choose the company “Alpha media group” because the qualities they use in the magazine “Blender” are quite similar to the elements I have used in my magazine, for instance barcodes, the models head over the title which shows the magazine is well known etc. etc. They tend to use attractive women on the front of there magazines which I have done on mine, therefore this makes people want to buy it. This is a good strategy which I have used. Here is some examples of there magazines.

Another similarity is that “Alpha media group” tend to use one colour scheme on each of there magazines, and this is what I have done on mine. The thing that my magazine could offer Alpha Media Group is that it could help to increase profits since it’s a well put together magazine and appeals to a wider range of audience than the existing magazines of Alpha Media Group already do. It also would offer more choice to their readers.

Who would be the audience for your media product?

As I have already mentioned, my magazine appeals both to women and men because of the sexually attractive model I have used on the front, which in Naomi Wolfs theory highlights the fact that while being critical of it, that women have been conditioned by society into wanting to look like whatever passes for sexually attractive and will, therefore buy products featuring such models because they aspire to be like that. But because of the colour scheme I have used and the content within in the magazine I think it aims mostly at women. And as my questionnaire suggests 16-24 year olds are the preferred age group to be attracted to this kind of magazine. I have also decided to make a profile to give me a better idea of who my magazine would be aimed at.

Name: Mia Anderson

Age: 16

Gender: Female

What kind of music do you enjoy? I like all kind of music from pop to R&B. My favourite artists include Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Rihanna.

In what way do magazines influence you? I like to be up to date with them latest celeb gossip, and normally music magazines tell you about the latest concerts and stuff so it’s good to know what’s going on.

Would you buy Encore and why? Yeah the front covers nice and all the artists which are mentioned are some of my favourites, this makes me want to read more about them.

What kind of income do you have?
I have a part time job at Topshop a clothes shop in the metro centre, I get a decent pay here for the time that I work so that I have enough money to spend on CD’s, gigs and magazines that I like.

How did you attract/address your audience?

Firstly to decide what kind of audience I had to attract I did a questionnaire which I asked a variety of people to fill in. I learnt that 16-24 year olds prefer my magazine and mostly women. Therefore I used a pink theme to attract women and normally younger women prefer the colour pink so I thought that this would appeal to my audience.

What have you learnt about new technologies from the process of creating this product?

I have learnt a variety of things about technologies throughout my project. I have used digital editing, Photoshop, to edit my photos in a way which I find them presentable. I used techniques such as cropping, changing the opacity to give my photo which I have used on my front cover a different effect, colour adjustments and many more. I also learnt in order to cut out my photos effectively I simply have to use the magic wand tool; this lets me select the bits I want to delete.
I also used the burn tool which makes wherever you place it slightly darker; I used this to give my models a slight tan, I have done this because I think a tan looks healthier than pale looking skin. I used the rubber to go around my photos once I had cut them out to make the edges smooth and make sure all of the background had definitely been deleted so that my photos looked there best. I have also edited some of my text on Photoshop. I have used things on the blending options such as, drop shadow, bevel and emboss, colour overlay and outer glow. I have used outer glow quite a few times because I think it makes my text stand out effectively this makes it quite eye catching. I have used some “fun” fonts as well to make my writing appealing to my audience; a font I was quite fond of was “pussycat”. This is also the font I have used on the title of my magazine on the front cover, “Encore”. Another common thing I have done is used the tool “stroke” on my text, this gives a line around it. I have made it pink to match the colour scheme of my magazine I think it looks quite good. I also learnt how to use a digital camera to the best of my ability to create successful photographs in which I used on my magazine. I took my images in a well lit room to make sure there were no shadows or dark spots on my photos. I also had to make sure I got the right angles for my photos so that they didn’t look wonky or awkward. My skill using a camera has improved and I am now able to take a range of shots, close ups and so on.
Another technology I have learnt about is “blogger” which I have posted all of my progress on. I have recorded my steps in which I have took to get to my final magazine products, and I have showed this throughout my blog. This website displays all of my work so that not only my classmates and teachers can view it but other people. I have created and published my own media production and enabled a world wide audience to see it. I’ve gone from consumer from producer via the internet.

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

When I look back at my preliminary task I see that I have made a massive improvement. My understanding of Photoshop and use of digital cameras has greatly improved. My knowledge of magazines has improved also as I have done lots of research of other magazines such as Blender and Q. I have analysed these magazines and worked out what their target audiences are and why, this helped me decide who my target audience would be down to what my magazine was like. It has enabled me target my audience to appeal to the maximum readership possible. I also learnt from my research that a magazine shouldn’t be to busy but at the same time shouldn’t have small amounts of information on it. So the context must be just right. I have also had much more experience in using Photoshop which means my photos have been edited in a better more sophisticated way. This means they look better than the photos I edited previously. I have learnt about different camera angles as well such as, close-up, medium close-up, long shot and over the shoulder shot. I then began to experiment with my new skills by editing my photos more intensely and playing around with colour schemes.



With this picture i first decided to make the models hair bright red, to do this i created a new layer, coloured in her hair red with a brush tool then lowered the opacity of the layer to make it blend more with the natural hair. I also made her lips red doing using the same process. After this i brightened the image up by changing the brightness and contrast.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Monday, 8 March 2010


This is how I made the symbol "20 greatest number ones". I have put the layers on top of each other then made the "20"by editing the blending options and making it have a drop shadow.


These are some of the writing type possibiltys I considered having on my front cover. I ended up sticking with the one at the top which is the font "pussycat". I like this because its a fun font.

Contents Page

I added a bit more detail to my contents because I thought it looked abit plain. I first added somemore pictures to fill up some space. I cut them out and slightly edited them so that they looked good. I then made the "20 greatest number one" symbol by just using the text button and making it big, I then put the words "greatest number one" on top to make it look good.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Here is a photo I have edited.

contents page

This is my completed contents page. I have stuck with my colour scheme from my double paged spread and my front cover. I’ve arranged my information about what’s inside my magazine in a list so that’s its easy to read and it’s set out neatly. My model is the same model that I have used on my front cover she is sexually attractive so that my contents page is appealing to the reader.