Wednesday, 21 October 2009

This is the picture after I edited it. I’ve made myself look much more tanned by using the burn tool on my skin. I've also used the burn tool around my eyes to give the impression I’m wearing lots of makeup. I've coloured my hair in blacker as well to give it a darker look. I think this edited picture looks much better than the original picture because it’s more attractive.


This is the picture I used on the main cover for my music magazine. This is the view of it before I edited it. I think this picture is quite good for a music magazine because I’m wearing headphones. This gives the impression that I’m involved in music in some way.

I changed the layout, the colour scheme and the fonts I’ve used on my final music magazine cover. I changed it because I thought the orange back round looked to childish and I thought it wouldn’t appeal to adults. The white back round looks better than the orange because it helps the writing and the picture stand out more. I made the writing colour scheme black and pink. I think these colours work well together. I also added more information to what is inside the magazine and a picture in the centre.

For my music magazine I first decided to an orange back round with yellow and pink writing. I choose this colour scheme because it’s very summery and bright and is quite eye-catching. I also used the font “pussycat” because I think it’s a very stylish font. I edited the corner of the orange back round to make it a lighter shade, this adds a good effect.

Monday, 12 October 2009

I am designing and making a music magazine for my second media project. I made a questionaire which would be answered by a variety of people to help me decide on varies details for my magazine. I have called my magazine "encore" this means "again" in french and is often used at concerts when the crowd wants to hear more music, therefore i thought this would be a good name for my magazine.


1. Are you male or female?
Male [x]
Female []

2. How old are you?
16-24 [x]
25-30 []
30-and above []

3. Which music do you prefer?
Dance [x]
R ‘n’ B []
Rap []
Rock []
Pop []
Hip Hop []

4. How much do you spend on a magazine?
99p-£1.50 [x]
£1.60-£2.00 []
£2.00 or above []

5. How often do you buy a magazine?
Once or twice a week [x]
Once a month []
Other []

6. What would you like to read about?
New bands []
Music industry gossip []
Award shows []
Other [x]