Monday, 28 September 2009

This is my final draft of my contents page. I have made it the same colour scheme as my front page so that it doesn't clash and it all goes together. Ive used a full body shot of my model to make her stand out more. I have also used the same font "pussycat" for the headline but added a couple more fonts aswell so that it stands out. I have edited Zoe again to make her looked tanned and her top a brighter shade of pink. Ive also made the word "Heworth" have a glow so that it stands out. I've also used the "Blur tool" to smooth the edges around my model and make her look more suttle.

This is my final attempt of my magainse cover. I am very proud of it. I have used two fonts becasue it makes it look neat and not to clumsy or tacky. I have changed the colour scheme to pink and black because i think it makes it stand out more and makes it look more attractive looking. I made the model have more of a tan by using the burn tool, this makes her stand out more because people with pale skin tend to blend in more and people with tans stand out because they look healthy. I have also edited my models face to make her look like she is wearing more makeup than she really is. I did this because my main article is about the makeup rule at school and how Zoe "my model" is rebelling agasint the rule. I have also added a sign that says "no make up" and crossed it out with lipstick this adds more emphasis to Zoe rebelling agasint the rule. I have also made the word "News" have a pink glow to make it stand out and i've made Zoe's teeth whiter and her top brighter pink.

For my project i needed to desgin a front page and a contents for a magasine for my school. I have used blue and yellow on this first draft because they are the school colours for Heworth. This is my first attempt of my magazine cover. Its quite plain but simple, sometimes the simplicity is the key because it draws attention to the headlines. I only used one font on this first draft because I didn't want to make it to complex to start with.
I dont think this first attempt it very good. Because it is far too simple and not much information on it. Its to plain and doesn't explain what the magasine is about. It doesnt really stand out either.