Monday, 11 October 2010

A2 Film Trailer

For my A2 assignment I had the choice of making either a film trailer or a music video, with my two other teammates, Alysha Pearson ( and Emily Laws ( We planned and designed a questionnaire to determine which would be the more popular of these two choices and came to the conclusion to make a film trailer as it was most popular. Although we are all working together to make it we each will have our own responsibilities to help show our different skills, which we put towards producing the trailer. My responsibilities are costume design and editing. We chose horror as a genre of the trailer because we designed another questionnaire to decide what was most popular and horror came out most popular. We are going to be using lots of different equipment throughout the project such as recording equipment and different software to put our recordings together. We are also going to produce a poster in which to advertise the trailer and a DVD cover.

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