Friday, 4 February 2011

'Simon Says' description

Costume Design

Costume design is exceptionally important, the outfits that the characters wear reflects on what kind of character they are playing. Therefore I had to consider all of my characters and therefore dress them in the correct way. When you see "Simon," we wanted him to appear as just a shadow therefore we dressed one of our characters all in black to give the allusion as a shadow. I also had to consider nightwear for example the scene when a character is lying in bed I had to consider dressing her in pyjamas. I also had to dress my characters in causal clothes during scenes which are set threw the day and more formal clothes as well in the scene where one of the characters is walking down a path outside she is dressed in quite a formal/work wear way. A costume designer is a person responsible for not only costume design but hair/wig or a makeup designer. Not only do I need to make sure that my characters are dressed in the correct way, I also need to make sure that they have the correct makeup and hair design. My characters have to be casual therefore if they showed up to filming with over the top makeup on or drastic hairstyle I would have to intervene and tone things down.My job is to enhance all the characters personalities through there appearance.