Monday, 9 May 2011

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of a real media product?

I have used and challenged forms and conventions of typical existing media products in a variety of different ways. When first creating my music video I watched and analysed a range of different professional videos for example, ‘Eminem – Stan,’ and ‘Mariah Carey – Obsessed,’ these specific music videos hold some of the properties that mine does for example the initial story line. They both feature stalkers who are obsessed with stars. I took this theme and represented it in my video. In some music videos there are features of slow motion parts were a part of the clip is slowed down in order to create suspense or to fit into lines of the song. I took this convention and embedded it within mine by slowing a part of it down in order for it to create a greater sense of drama. Another convention I used when editing on iMovie was a black and white effect which is featured quite sporadically. The black and white effect is supposed to show memories and flashbacks. By analysing a variety of music videos I realised that not many takes are long and there are normally a variety of shots that feature only for a few seconds therefore in order to follow this trend I made sure that there was a mass variety of locations and shots in order to give it a more professional feel.

My video has a large variety of close ups and establishing shots throughout, the close ups are to catch the characters facial expressions in order to show reactions and emotions. However the establishing shots are to show the range of locations and show that it has been filmed locally so that audiences can relate to it.

I have advertised my video by creating ancillary texts which are a poster and a CD cover. I have chosen to advertise it in HMV because this is a popular media based shop where many existing products are featured.

Some of the locations that I chose were not only to represent the local areas but are to try and symbolize that one of the characters is in fact a ‘star’. For example I used scenes such as the recording studio to give it a professional feel.

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