Sunday, 20 March 2011



In order to get an idea of the stereotypical things within music videos I analysed the beginnings of two quite different music videos;

Chris Brown - Gimme That (Remix) ft. Lil Wayne

-Duration: 4.55
-Starts with a pan in
-Zooms in to a variety of things
-Low angle shot of man sitting down
-Chris Brown walks around, camera follows him
-Close up of girl
-Zooms into Chris putting his headphones in and glancing at girl
-Music begins at: 00.39 seconds, Nicki Minaj - Check It Out

-Duration: 4.33
-Starts with a man on the mic introducing the song
-Long shot
-Close up of ipod in an ipod dock
-Cuts back to man on mic from a different angle
-Medium close up of man, he is know introducing WILL.I.AM and Niki Manaj
-Establishing shot of audience of people sitting still all dressed the same
-A woman then presses play on the ipod
-Music starts at: 00.16 seconds with Niki Manj singing

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