Monday, 13 December 2010

Trailer Analysis

I watched and analysed a few horror trailers to help give me a better look of what the usual conventions of a horror trailer actually are and to help me contribute ideas into creating ours. The first trailer I looked at was 'Sorority Row'. Sorority Row is a 2009 American slasher film. Produced by Summit Entertainment and written by Josh Stolbery and Pete Gold finger, also it was directed by Stewart Hendler. The main plot of the story is a group of girls from a sorority college find out that one of there friends boyfriends has been cheating on her, as revenge they trick him into thinking one of the girls is dead and that they need to hide the body, being totally convinced he decides to cut the body up, he then stabs her through the chest with a tire iron actually killing her for real. Panicking the group dump the body in a mineshaft vowing never to speak of the events ever again. But eight months later all the girls receive a picture sent to their phones of a hooded figure holding the bloody murder weapon. They all then start getting mysteriously murdered.
The trailer starts with quick flashes and hip-hop style music. There is also a voice over of a woman talking which the flashes keep flashing to this woman. The opening shot is a low angle shot of the side of the college. It then shows some close up shots of the girls smiling which firstly gives us the impression that everyone is happy. The beat of the music then increases and there are even quicker flashes of a party scene. This reflects the wild lifestyle of the girls, you then hear speech, "We have a problem, Garret cheated on me," this starts the plot of the story when her friends repeat, "You cheat on one Zada you cheat on every Zada," then one girl says, "That boy needs to be taught a lesson." This lets the audience know a little of how the story is going to unravel but doesn’t give too much away. A title card then appears saying, 'A prank' and the music becomes more eerie and more speech starts when he starts panicking when the girl pretends to die. The eerie music emphasis that the film is starting to get more intense and that everything is going to begin happening. There are some close ups of Garrets face to show the panic. Then it shows close ups of the other girls smug expressions. Forty-one seconds into the trailer another title card comes up, "No one would ever forget." It then goes to a point of a view shot of the girls in a car with Garret and Megan pretending to be dead. It then flashes to another close up of Garrets face with a negative expression as he thinks she is really dead. It then shows us a side shot of another one of the girls laughing. The over music is bad things by Jace Everett, this song fits really well as it has quite a creepy feel to it and the main line is, "I want to do bad things to you.” The girls are acting really casual about the whole "hide the body" which shows the audience that its all just a prank, Garret on the other hand is panicking and looking for something to cut the body up with. There is then a left aligned medium shot of Garret looking pale and frightened which then cuts to a high angle shot of Megan pretending to be dead, this shot makes her look vulnerable. More speech then happens, "Should we wrap it in the blanket as it is, or should we chop it into little bits," this is what gives Garret the idea to find an object to chop the body up with. There is then a shot of all the girls and only one of them in focus. We then see Garret find the object that he uses and approach the body, which he then goes to thrust it into her chest but it flashes to a black screen and there is screaming of girls to be heard in the background. Then there is a panning shot of all the girls screaming at him because now the girl is dead for real. There is lots of flashes of black and then to different views of the group now panicking over the dead body. One girl puts a blanket over the wound of Megan and tries to save her but it’s too late. The music is a dark eerie sound, which comes to a sudden stop and a title card comes up, "A secret," then speech, "Megan’s dead." I think this gives quite allot of the story line away. There is then an establishing shot of the place where they killed Megan. This is to show that this scene is very important as it shows us it from all angles. Another title card comes up, "No one would ever tell," and then flashes to the body of Megan being dragged away. Then there is a long shot from the mine shaft which they dump the body looking up at the group of girls who are looking down into it, this gives the feel we are looking from the point of view of Megan’s dead body. This then cuts to a close up view of one of the girls holding the murder weapon. And another long shot view from the mineshaft when they drop the tire iron into the mine with the body; this again gives us the same feel that we are looking in her point of view. When the tire iron gets closer to the bottom of the mineshaft it then flashes to a white screen, this gives the trailer a creepy feel with a loud sound, which dims out to a screechy noise. The trailer then goes on with a cut to a long shot of all the college students graduating, this gives evidence of juxtaposition as one minute everything bad is happening then all of a sudden there is celebration, this contrasts. The flashes are quite sudden but then it slows down and there is some up close shots of each of the girls that were part of the group that dealt with hiding Megan’s body. It then cuts to one of the girls giving a speech with the rest of them in the background, the camera pans round each girl. The girl giving the speech is saying, "As happy as this day is, one of our sisters is still missing, to Megan, we love and miss you," this tells the audience that they are pretending that they don't know anything about Megan’s disappearance. There is then over noise of phones ringing, the scene then cuts to the girls picking up there phones and all looking at them. It then shows us a point of view shot of one of the girls looking down at her phone. There is a picture of someone holding the tire iron; this tells the girls that there is someone out there that knows what they did. There is then a big bang, which cuts to a girl walking in someone’s house looking for someone; the shot is a long shot. This then keeps flashing to another one of the girls who is panicking saying that maybe Megan has come back from the dead. You then see one of the girls lie down and goes to take a drink then cuts to a point of view shot where she sees a hooded figure who smashes the bottle down on her, then a title card comes up, "sisters for life." Then it cuts to Megan’s sister who says, "Megan," and turns around to see a hooded figure watching her, there is then lots of flashes and a voice over of one of the girls describing the hooded figure. Another title card says, "and death," and there are screams and more flashing. The next scene it cuts to the mineshaft where someone has written in what appears to be blood, "you're next." It then goes quite and cuts to blackness, then a close up of a girls face who then says, "We all deserve to die," which then goes quite again with sudden bangs, the sudden noises give the trailer a scary feel to it which entices the audience into wanting to watch it to find out more like for example who the hooded figure is. I think this trailer is a good example of the type of trailer I am trying to create as it has many of the attributes we are planning to have within ours.

This is a trailer for the film 'I know what you did last summer,' it’s a 1997 slasher film written by Kevin Williamson. The trailer starts out similar to ours with a group of teenagers surrounding a campfire outdoors. I thought this would be a good trailer to watch and relate to as it involves teenagers as does ours. It then cuts to a title card after the fire scene and a quick flash to the teens driving a car while under the influence of alcohol, this gives us the impression that they are tearaways. You hear one of the teenagers scream, "Watch out," then hear a loud crashing noise and there is a close up of the teenage boy who is driving the car and he has a shocked expression, and then it flashes to a black screen. This gives us the impression they have ran someone over as they are all quite shocked. Throughout the trailer there is a voice over, this shows that this is quite an older movie as this was more common then than it is now. The lighting in some parts of this trailer is quite dark, this gives a scary effect as most horror films are set at night time to add more "scare appeal".

This is a trailer for, 'The exorcism of Emily Rose.' Film makes love to use gimmicks, so it's usual to see an Ouija board whenever there is a séance scene. Ouijia boards will warn, instruct, or offer information from the spirit world, often with mixed results, that is why filmmakers see this as a good prop to have in horror films as they can provide background for a storyline and give a creepier feel to the film. The exorcism of Emily Rose is a 2005 American horror film directed by Scott Derrickson, this film relates to my trailer as it involves a so called "spirit" as does mine. Therefore this played another role in my creation as I watched and analysed it various times to make sure I was covering all factors that trailer should have as well as including my own ideas which I used my own initiative to come up with.

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