Monday, 23 November 2009

This is the music magazine cover that I have decided to start analysing.

On this magazine cover there is only a limit of four colours being used this is very typical of magazines as it makes everything match and look presentable. There is also only three fonts used which makes sure everything is in proportion and that there isn't too much going on which could make the magazine look messy or to busy. Therefore the magazine looks simple yet good. As the cover model they have chosen Fergie from Black Eyed Peas. This is good because Fergie is a well known woman and is quite attractive. She is in a sexualised pose which is eye catching this is also a medium shot. She has flesh on show which attracts a male audience as well as a female audience. She also is looking straight into the camera which shows she’s confident. This is a common convention of music magazines because it makes the reader want to read about the person on the cover therefore they used somebody popular. The model is also centralised. The word "Fergie" is also slightly bigger than the rest of the text this draws your attention to it.
The title "Blender" is set behind the models head this indicates that the magazine is a well known one so the reader will concentrate what else is on the cover instead. For example the model and the information on that front.

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