Monday, 12 October 2009

I am designing and making a music magazine for my second media project. I made a questionaire which would be answered by a variety of people to help me decide on varies details for my magazine. I have called my magazine "encore" this means "again" in french and is often used at concerts when the crowd wants to hear more music, therefore i thought this would be a good name for my magazine.


1. Are you male or female?
Male [x]
Female []

2. How old are you?
16-24 [x]
25-30 []
30-and above []

3. Which music do you prefer?
Dance [x]
R ‘n’ B []
Rap []
Rock []
Pop []
Hip Hop []

4. How much do you spend on a magazine?
99p-£1.50 [x]
£1.60-£2.00 []
£2.00 or above []

5. How often do you buy a magazine?
Once or twice a week [x]
Once a month []
Other []

6. What would you like to read about?
New bands []
Music industry gossip []
Award shows []
Other [x]

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