Monday, 28 September 2009

This is my final attempt of my magainse cover. I am very proud of it. I have used two fonts becasue it makes it look neat and not to clumsy or tacky. I have changed the colour scheme to pink and black because i think it makes it stand out more and makes it look more attractive looking. I made the model have more of a tan by using the burn tool, this makes her stand out more because people with pale skin tend to blend in more and people with tans stand out because they look healthy. I have also edited my models face to make her look like she is wearing more makeup than she really is. I did this because my main article is about the makeup rule at school and how Zoe "my model" is rebelling agasint the rule. I have also added a sign that says "no make up" and crossed it out with lipstick this adds more emphasis to Zoe rebelling agasint the rule. I have also made the word "News" have a pink glow to make it stand out and i've made Zoe's teeth whiter and her top brighter pink.

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